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These award-winning Original Silkscreens (seriographs) were produced entirely by Taos Pueblo Artisans in the Woody Crumbo Indian Art Workshop and Studio in the late 1940's and the early 1950's. The Studio and Gallery was located on 'the last boardwalk' in Taos, next to the Kit Carson Museum.
The current carved pillars and cloud motif facade was designed and built by Taoseno Luz Martinez in the 1940's upon opening.

These Original Silkscreens were never produced after this time in this size and format.
They reside in private collections, museums and galleries worldwide.

WOODY CRUMBO is concluding the Centennial Celebration of his life and work. His work and vision is poised to make a gift of enduring truth and beauty into the next 100 years that not only ourselves but the children receive this rich inheritance of human tradition as seen depicted in ritual, ceremony and regalia but also song, dance and story....that we might remember the beauty of our Ways and that we never forget.

Woody Crumbo

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